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Midwifery Care & Birth Options

               Midwifery & Women’s Health of Elmhurst Clinic


Our philosophy:

    As midwives, we seek to provide each woman and her family a thoughtful and supportive environment to foster good health and a safe and empowering pregnancy and birth. This commitment includes compassion, attention to detail, and use of evidence-based care. We strive to individualize care, support choices and alternatives, and respect cultural needs. With you, we aim for mutual respect, open communication, and a commitment to education and health promotion.   


has been practicing as a nurse-midwife for over 30 years. She started her practice at Cook County Hospital where she specialized in teen pregnancy. In 1996 she was part of the midwife practice at Northwestern Hospital that provided the first water births in the city of Chicago. For 15 years she has practiced at West Suburban Hospital and finds it to be very supportive of alternatives in childbirth. Besides pregnancy and birth, Shirley's practice also focuses on natural and alternative therapies to menopause. When not caring for women, Shirley enjoys tennis, knitting and spending time with her family.


Shirley Moore, CNM

Mary Saracco, CNM

  1. Well-woman care: health promotion & disease prevention

  2. Menopausal alternative therapies

  3. Pre-conception counseling

  4. Birth preparation and breast feeding classes

  5. Freedom of movement in labor

  6. Choice of labor support persons

  7. Intermittent and/or telemetry fetal monitoring

  8. Hydrotherapy (shower)

  9. Water immersion & water birth

  10. Massage/ Aromatherapy

  11. Acupressure

  12. Reflexology

  13. VBAC

has been a midwife for over 10 years. She greatly enjoys practicing at West Suburban for the water birth option both professionally and personally; she birthed her own daughter in the tub in the Alternative Birth Center a five years ago. Mary especially likes supporting women and their families with achieving unmedicated childbirth.  Mary believes that vaginal birth after cesarean section should be supported in practice and recently attended the NIH Consensus Development Conference on VBAC. When not caring for women, Mary enjoys being a mother, baseball, cooking & traveling. 


Michelle Jackowski, CNM

joins  Midwifery and Women’s Health at Elmhurst Clinic after several years of practicing at Mercy Hospital as a nurse-midwife.  She has had many years of experience as a labor and delivery nurse......